About Me

Hello My name is Aditya, you can just call me adit. I am originally from Indonesia and still live here. I started programming from more than 10 years and like to make cool things and useful with it. 

I started making programs by studying PHP programming language, create web application using it and earn from there. Other than that i also learn another programming language like .Net, Java, and lastly i really like python programming language.

When working with PHP i have learning Javascript as companion making web application. Now Javascript not just as companion but main programming language used in many modern web applications. I regret it because I didn't explore it a long time ago.

Now Javascript is like Chinese letters almost a bit difficult to read it. But because of necessity, I have to learn it anyway.

I learn .Net to create windows application, and Java for making android application. but haven't used it in a long time.

Now i just focus on Python and Javascript (Nodejs, React, & NextJs) programming language.

I don't want to call myself an expert in one thing, because there are many things I have to learn again. The deeper I learn something, the more I feel left out.